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Ausbildungsinhalte · 03. Dezember 2017
"Graduationshoot" done! Another crazy week with a catwalkworkshop and a detailshooting passed by. want to know what we exactly did?
Ausbildungsinhalte · 16. November 2017
40s, 50s, drag queen, creative makeup and bridal styling, all in one week? Yes, amazing!
Ausbildungsinhalte · 05. November 2017
This week has only been a short one but a very very intresting one too, want to know why?
Ausbildungsinhalte · 30. Oktober 2017
Another amazing week is done, this week has really been a special one with our first shooting and a detaildemo by Alexandra Lederer!
Ausbildungsinhalte · 25. Oktober 2017
Sometimes I really need a little pop of colour in my life, do you know that feeling?
Ausbildungsinhalte · 13. Oktober 2017
Simple eyemakeuplook with a Little Pop of colour and some great possibilities.
Ausbildungsinhalte · 08. Oktober 2017
This blogpost is about my second week at MAF Munich, what we learned, tried and experienced.
Ausbildungsinhalte · 28. September 2017
Sometimes when i am sitting in front of my makeupdesk, a wave of inspiration comes over me. Last time I was sitting there and looking out of my window and then suddenly I felt it, my love for the nature and her beauty and that is what inspirated me for this look.