Artikel mit dem Tag "education for makeupartist"

Ausbildungsinhalte · 17. Dezember 2017
Final week at MAF is now over, it all ends with a laughing and a cryingh eye. How time flies is just abnormal.
Ausbildungsinhalte · 10. Dezember 2017
We are coming to an end, the penultimate week is now over! Another load of new stuff and experiences are in my pocket now.
Ausbildungsinhalte · 03. Dezember 2017
"Graduationshoot" done! Another crazy week with a catwalkworkshop and a detailshooting passed by. want to know what we exactly did?
Ausbildungsinhalte · 13. Oktober 2017
One more week closer to my goal!
Ausbildungsinhalte · 30. September 2017
It has always been my biggest desire to once become a makeupartist and now I am starting my journey!