DAY 1 - Sunday

By strolling around the quartier my mum and I accidentely pumped into Jardin des Plantes. We walked in and were overwhelmed. It is so beautiful and colourful, all the different plants and flowers, were just breathtaking. We really enjoyed walking through the park and suddenly we saw the wallebies and as you know me, you might know that I freaking love animals. So we walked through the zoo area and had a look at all the animals you can see from outside, because the actual zoo has already been closed. After that we just walked back and on our way there was a lovely tiny French Bistro, where we had dinner then, such a lovely start to our trip.

DAY2 - Monday

As you can see day two, was crazy, we entered the hop-on-hop-off-bus tour and cruised through whole Paris, getting a super nice overview and saw everything you need. Only at the busstop Montmartre we decided to hop off, so we walked up the hill to Sacre Coeur, from where you have a mesmerising view over the whole city. After that we walked through Montmartre and enjoyed all the artists and their beautiful drawings/paintings.

In the evening we visited the Eglise de la Madleine and the Opera on foot to have a closer look.

DAY3 - Tuesday

Day 3 started of with me being sick, hurray, we decided to stay at home until I felt better. So in the afternoon we went to Champs Elysée and Arc the Triumph. We walked down the Champs Elysée and did a little Shopping, especially in Sephora and Abercrombie. The Abercrombie store is just amazing! After that we went to Laduree and bought some macarones, haha, yes I konw super touristlike, but then we drove to the Tuilleries and enjoyed our macarones their while watching the sunset behind the Louvre and the Eifel Tower.

DAY4 - Wednesday

The fourth day was started by visiting the Musee d'Orsay, what I really liked. I am such a big fan of Monet and Van Gogh. Afterwards we went to the Marais (in my opinion one of the coolest quartiers of Paris), where we shopped in vintage clothes shops, drank selfmade ice tea and ate a chocolate éclair. Then we were of to Avenue de plantes, a super cool kind of park, on old viaducts. In the evening we made a boat tour with delicious food and an amazing atmosphere.

DAY5 - Thursday

Day 5 was already the last day, we decided to enjoy the Eifel Tower for one last time, so we drove there and sat in the park eating macarons and taking lovely pitures. We walked like 30 minutes through a completely untourist area, but it was just lovely, we felt like native parisiennes, eating lunch in a Corner Bistro, enjoying the sun in a tiny little park. Finallly we arrived at the Musee Marmottan Monet, which is a museum, that exhibits only Monet pieces and some parts of his private art collection.  To round of our stay we went to a secret Rooftopcafe where we drank cocktails and watched the sunset over Paris.

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