This summer is a busy summer for us, we have bought a flat and are now planning our move. We are both working loads and that is why we decided to spontaneously travel to Italy for one week of pure relaxation. We started our trip after my shift on Saturday, we drove for 5 hours to Cattolica, a nice more or less little town in the region of Emilia Romagna at the adriatic sea. We arrived midnight and then the shock, the apartment was without air-condition and super small, but the worst thing was, that there was a bar right under our balcony so it has been super loud. That night we already booked a room in Hotel Murex and moved. The hotel was a little bit more outside of Cattolica, but super lovely. 

We spent our days on the beach, relaxing, tanning, playing cards, swimming and floating with our huge inflatable flamingo. In the evenings we always walked around on the beach and piers and soaked in the beauty of the sunsets, before we had great italian food at several different restaurants and naturally some cocktails at all kinds of bars. 

All in all the holiday was right what we needed and now we are back home ready to move and rock our new flat.

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