All I can say is OH MY GOD, haha, such an amazingly creative and fun week has passed, that I am literally sad that it is over now, but also happy for a new one to come.


On Monday we tried out tipical hairstyles for the 40s and 50s, what you can possibly imagine was nothing but fun. The styles which the women wore that time where so damn cool and freaky and I really loved creating them.

On Tuesday we created an 40s look for everyday also wearable nowadays, that was maybe the most boring thing of that week, but things like that are really essencial for a good education so you have to except that.

On Wednesday we all went crazy, because the topic was to bring the drag queen out of your model, playing around with such extravagant makeup makes so much fun for me and I would love to do so everyday and also I am really proud of my work ;-P.

On Thursday we had the fitting for our upcoming creative makeup shooting, which ment also playing around with lots of colours and being as the name already said creative, that's so my world!

And on Friday we had a special theorieday with Julia, the topic was bridal styling, but I won't tell you more at the moment, because there are amazings things coming soon.


Hope you all had an amzing week too and see you next week!

Some of the pictures are as always provided by the MAF, thank you Gabb!

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