And the answer is..... the 20s!


On Monday, hairday we learnt ... exactly, waterwaves, which was, buuh, real hard work and to be honest I really despaired in the beginning haha. I am so sorry, but I don't have any pictures of the hairday that time :(.

On Tuesday we started with the 20s makeup trends and how to make them wearable for people nowadays, that was fun and excitting but Wednesday was even cooler we created 20s looks for runway inspired by Pat McGrath! So we were allowed to really go over board and that was the coolest experience of all untill now. you can see my work on the pictures above, the pictures are kindl provided by the MAF.

On Thursday we made something totally different namly our detail shooting, where we had to create our very own detail looks, pictures of mine will follow soon!

On Friday we had a demo again by Alexandra Lederer (if you are intrested in the look, check out alexandralederer or maf_makeupartistfactory on Instagram) this time she showed us an amazing creativ look and after that we were invited to Inglot Munich where we had a little presentation and were allowed to shop with the shop closed only for us!

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