As I already said I bought this book only yesterday, but it is one of the books which you buy and fell in love with at the same time.


The book is by Anuschka Rees, a Fashion Blogger (her blog is linked here), and she is writting about how you can find your very own style. Style for me is something so important, it makes you love what you wear and gives you self-confidence. Nevertheless, I often feel like I havn't really found the perfect style for me and that's why I want to read or better am reading this book.


So far I can tell that the book is lovely and inspiring, it makes you think about your shopping habits and reflect your current style. Furthermore, the design of the book is so gorgeous, I love books which you can also use as room decoration and it is defenitely one of those!

PS: The book is originally written in Ènglish and I am reading it in German, but to be honest I havn't been able to find out if it also got translated in other languages. :/


Do you want a full review as soon as I am finished with reading? Leave a comment!

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