Wuhuu! I am so happy to be a part of the MAF students!

 Monday: Hairday we practiced to make real tight ponytails and buns and afterwards we learned how to but wigs on, which was really fun.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we learned and tried how to create eyelooks to correct the effect glasses have on the eyesize and to make the eyes look closer especially for people with far standing eyes.

On Thursday we had an Black-and-White-Shooting, our first real Shooting. We created make up looks and hairstyles on each other, my partner has been Ina (ina_maria_92 on Instagram) so she created the makeuplook you can see on the pictures above (provided by MAF), and then Gabb, who is a fotographer too, shooted it.

And on friday Alexandra Lederer (alexxandralederer on Instagram) came to show us how to create a clean and creative detaillook on the eye and on the lips, that was really amazing to watch and she also gave us advice, what's really cool as Alex has won the German makeup Championship!

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