Third week at MAF is done!


On Monday was hairday and we got in touch with severall different types and techniques of curling.  At first Julia showed us a lot of differrent types of curls and how to create them, then we tried them out ourselfs and in the afternoon we could chose one hairstyle and create that, I decided for beach waves, what btw was a lot harder than I thought it would be, haha.

The rest of the week has been all about correctiv makeup how to shape eyebrows to correct different eye positions and the same with eyeshadow and also how to change things concerning faceshape with contour, highlight and blush. Soo interesting how much can be changed with just a little swipe of colour on different places. That is it what I really love about make up and what let me maybe get so passionate about it.


I am so exited for next week to come, some great things are about to happen, stay tuned!

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