A step closer to our goal!

Sadly the second week has only been a short week due to an holiday, but nevertheless I loved it. This week we started on Wednesday with repeating all the steps we learned last week. If you have not read the first blogpost about MAF you can click here.

On Thursday for me it has been an incredible day we started with eyeshadow and if you know me you also know that that is my biggest passion, I just love to play around with coulors and different techniques to apply. We started off with getting to know what darker and lighter shades cause on different areas of the eye.

We also experienced how diverse colours and applicationmethodes on the lips can change the whole shape of the lip and the effect on the viewer. Just amazing and fascinating!

On friday it has been our first hairday with our second lecturer Julia. In the morning Julia told us everthing we need to know about products and electrical appliances like hairdryers, straighteners, curlers and crepe irons. At lunch a few of my classmates and I went to Dunkin Donuts (where I had an delicous unicorn Donut) and had an amusing lunch break there. We are becoming friends more and more and I really appreciate that. In the afternoon we got our hairequipment and that was it, our second week at MAF.

Now something offside the classes, maybe something even more important.

Gabb is offering us so many possibilities not only to become successfull makeupartists but also to grow as personalities and find ourselfs, nearly everything she tells us is an usefull advice for our future and to learn to look over the plate rim.

Furtheron, I want to say that I love the school, I feel so home there and you can feel that that is the place where everyones own dreams can come true. And I also love my classmates, it is so familiar, everyone is so tolerant, respectfull and special on its own way, super inspiring!

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